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Spirent TestCenter: How can I switch to the STC standby firmware version?

  • STC 4.87 and newer
  • SSH to your chassis as admin.
    • ssh admin@<chassis_ip_address>
    • password:    spt_admin
  • Execute the standby_version command, in order to validate which firmware release does the chassis have.
  • Execute the switch_version command to change the chassis firmware to the standby one.
  • After this, the chassis will ask you if you want to reboot.
    • Yes      – The chassis will reboot and start with the release it has as standby.
    • No        – The chassis won't reboot and will keep working with the firmware version it has as active.  Next time you reboot the chassis it will start with the version it has as standby.

Product : Spirent TestCenter