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Spirent TestCenter: How many ARPs can a module handle?

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The number of ARPs a module can support depends on the card. For example, the old card CV can handle at least 70,000. Usually it's not needed much more than that, but we can be sure newer modules with more processing will be able to handle much more depending on the module. 

Notes: Usually, with this amount of ARPs, when connected to a DUT, the DUT's memory gets filled and some of them won't be able to process all ARP requests sent by STC, hence it won't be able to reply with the ARP replies. Make sure the ARP timers are wide since the DUT might start deleting the ARP entries from it's cache before STC has finished sending the ARP requests, this depends on how fast the DUT can process the ARP requests.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,ARP