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TTworkbench: Which Java version is required to use TTworkbench 29 release?

TTworkbench 29 64 Bit, Microsoft Windows/Linux
TTworkbench 29 needs a Java Platform, Standard Edition Java SE version 8 or greater. 
A 64-bit JVM is required (no support for 32-bit JVM). OpenJDK 13 is recommended.

Microsoft Windows:
The TTworkbench 29 package already contains an OpenJDK 13 installation in the "jdk" subfolder of the TTworkbench installation folder.


OpenJDK 13 is recommended.

  • TTworkbench 29:  Java 8 or newer (OpenJDK 13 recommended)
  • TTworkbench 28:  Java 8 or newer (OpenJDK 12 recommended)
  • TTworkbench 27:  Java 8 or newer (OpenJDK 11 recommended)
  • TTworkbench 26:  Java 8 (only)
Additional information :
For additional Java settings information, refer to FAQ17885