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TTworkbench: Where do I find information about a new release version of TTworkbench or Test Suite?

Microsoft Windows/Linux , TTworkbench, Teste Suites
To receive notifications on all upcoming releases, please do the folllowing (log-in required):

  1. Subscribe on the release notes page of the product of interest:

    1.1 TTworkbench

    1.2. Test Suites     1.3.  VOTER (EUROCONTROL VOTER Test Suites)

  2. In addition, you can Subscribe TTworkbench in "My Product Preference" on the CSC (refer to Subscription article )

After Installation of the software, you can find this information in TTworkbench > Help > Help Contents > Spirent TTworkbench User´s Guide or Using TTsuite-x > What´s new?

Product : TTsuites