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Landslide : How to change the memory allocated to a standalone client?

  • Landslide 
  • Version 18.6 GA
  • Click on the link (or right - click to save file to your desktop) for Standalone Client to save the JAR file to your computer and then execute it as a Java Executable
  • Right-click on your jar file, click Create shortcut, then edit the shortcut to set the target to: PATH_TO_JAVA\javaw.exe -jar PATH_TO_JAR\JAR_FILENAME
  • To launch the client with more memory (the default value is 256), update the short cut and Insert "javaw.exe -Xmx1000m -jar" to the front of the existing [target path] to add 1gb.
                   - Xmx1000m = 1gb.
  • After the target is saved the OS changes it to include the patch to javaw.exe. This will be the full text of the target as in:            
                  - C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath\javaw.exe -Xmx1000m -jar C:\Users\[username]\Documents\tass\landslide_client.jar
  • You need to leave a space after "-jar" in the target field. Now you can use the shortcut with the modified target to launch the client with more memory.
                  - Xmx1000m = 1gb of RAM. You can change this based on your requirements. More than 2gb of RAM will require 64b java.

For more details check the help document: Home > Standalone Client and TAS Manager Console  > Standalone Client and Standalone TAS Manager Console


Product : Landslide Client