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Spirent TestCenter: d-LDP sessions are not satying up after starting traffic.

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • LDP
Spirent LDP devices have their MACs to establish and maintain sessions.

When you send traffic, the DUT MAC table will be updated with MACs from the raw streams. Subsequently, DUT will send Hello messages to those new MAC addresses (00:10:94:00:00:02), so Spirent LDP devices will not receive those Hello messages, causing a Time Out, and LDP session will come down.

How to fix it, in Raw Stream:
  • Use the same source MAC as LDP device; e.g., “", use MAC as “00:10:94:00:00:F3"
  • Use different IPv4 Source Address; e.g., instead of, use  (Source address should not matter because it is an emulated source address simulating a network host).

Product : LDP,Spirent TestCenter