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Spirent TestCenter: Why I do not see PRBS counters increment?


My streamblock is set with a Payload fill type: PRBS, so why I'm not seeing PRBS counters increment under Stream Block resuts view?


enlightened First of all it is important you validate whether if the current module you are using supports the particular stream counter you are looking for or not, refer to  SOL11740 - Spirent TestCenter: How to find the supported counters for a specific Module?

Be aware Spirent TestCenter adds the PRBS in the payload and send it to the DUT, please note Spirent TestCenter is NOT injecting PRBS error in the payload but just the PRBS pattern. However, if the DUT sends the packet with corrupted PRBS then Spirent TestCenter (in case the module supports this counter) will report it under PRBS error count.  

Anyway, setting the Streamblock as PRBS payload fill will NOT inject errors, it is just the PRBS pattern, you can set any of the port in the diagnostic loopback mode and capture the frame just to verify the PRBS has been added, It should be available under Spirent signature field. You have to use our Spirent Wireshark version to see this


Product : Spirent TestCenter