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PosApp, SimGEN: What is "Multi-copy Constellation" feature in SimGEN?

  • PosApp v7.00 onwards
    • SimGEN
      • GPS (including GTx)
      • GLONASS (including GTx)
      • Galileo (including GTx)
      • BeiDou (including GTx)
      • NavIC (IRNSS)
  • GSS9000
Applicable to GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and NacIC (IRNSS) constellations, this feature enables the generation of up to 12 copies of the constellation – each with full manipulation of parameters via the signal sources file (1 source file for each copy).

This also includes up to 12 copies of all licenced Ground Transmitter (GTx) constellations.

Multi-copy Constellationallows sophisticated spoofing test scenarios to be created by manipulating the parameters of the copied orbital, ground-based and interference/jamming signal sources.

By using the multi-copy constellation feature:
  • Users can have more than one satellite constellation per GNSS type
  • Users can choose whether the satellite constellation uses traditional orbits or has fixed, ground-based positions.
  • Treat the first constellation for each GNSS type as ‘truth’
  • Modify constellation parameters based on intended signal attack simulation
For more information, see section 23.3 of DGP00686AAA - SimGEN Software User Manual DOC11959

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