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Spirent TestCenter: How can I configure an even distribution when I'm using LACP with Hashing?

  • Spirent Test Center
  • LACP
  • Hashing (LACP transmit algorithm)
First, please try, simplifying the hashing by using only Source MAC address as the L2 Hash Option; this will make the hashing more predictable.
If the steams are still being hashed unevenly, please validate that there are no random modifiers configured on the source MAC address; if that's the case, we can simulate the random modifier by copying the random MACs and placing them into a list modifier.
If you still have an uneven distribution, you can increment the MAC addresses on the list modifier; hopefully, this will make them hash with the other LAG port.  e.g., if you have 8 different frames in your Lag, and one port is generating 6 of them and the other only 2, you can increment 2 of the MAC addresses on port 1, hoping it only create 4 ports as well as port 2.


Product : Spirent TestCenter,LACP