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Spirent TestCenter: How can I create non MPLS traffic when ISIS Segment Routing is enabled?

  • Spirent TestCenter.
  • ISIS-Segment Routing.
When you enable ISIS-SR on a Spirent TestCenter emulated device, it enables it to be MPLS capable and adds a header into its interface.

Subsequently, if you add a bound stream block, it becomes an MPLS stream since it is sourcing from an ISIS-SR (MPLS capable) device; hence,  traffic will always be MPLS encapsulated, and it expects an MPLS label to resolve.

If you don’t want the traffic to be MPLS encapsulated, you can do either:
  •  Bound the traffic between endpoints that are not running ISIS-SR.
  • Create an IPv4 device running ISIS, without SR, on the port where you have the ISIS-SR devices, and use it for bound stream blocks.
  • Use raw stream blocks.


Product : Spirent TestCenter,ISIS