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Cyberflood: Could not create UDP sockets

Cyberflood 20.1.1
You may see in the Cyberflood event log a "Could not create UDP sockets" error while running the test for some time
[4]: [2020/07/06 19:47:19]  (1364) RTSP Detailed Error Tracking: RTSP Session 0x3c24af8 (Session ID ) failed in function "ProcessResponse" because it caught an unhandled exception
"ErrorCreatingDataSessionException:  Could not create UDP sockets. 
Recieved error "Could not allocate a pair of adjacent UDP sockets." from "CreateDataControlSessions"." thrown by "CreateDataControlSessions" while processing response "RTSP/1.0 200 OK
To fix this, simply increase the number of IP addresses.

Product : CyberFlood