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Will my Spirent 8100 Mobile Device System receive continued Microsoft® Windows® 7 support?

Spirent 8100 Mobile Device Test System (MDTS) products running on Spirent SC10 and WTS122 devices:
  • LTS B-Series
  • LTS Q750
  • Radio Access
  • WTS122
Spirent 8100 Mobile Device Test System (MDTS) products running on Spirent SC10 and WTS122 devices (that is, LTS B-Series, LTS Q750, Radio Access, and WTS122) currently contain embedded virtual machines that run the Windows 7 operating system.
To continue providing the latest Windows security updates for these products while we complete the transition to Windows 10, Spirent has purchased Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU) support from Microsoft. Upcoming releases of 8100 MDTS products will include the latest Windows 7 security updates provided by Microsoft until further notice. We will notify you when the transition to Windows 10 is complete.
To help protect against malware, the virtual machines in the 8100 MDTS products include Microsoft Security Essentials anti-malware software. Microsoft continues to provide regular updates to the signature files for Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 7. To ensure that you have the latest signature files for Microsoft Security Essentials, Spirent recommends that you update Microsoft Security Essentials on all 8100 MDTS products regularly by following the procedures described in the Spirent system deployment instructions (SDI) document.
If you have any questions regarding Windows 7 support for your 8100 MDTS products, please contact Spirent Support.

Product : 8100 LTS,WTS,8100 LTE-RA,SR9860,Q750,B-series