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Spirent TestCenter: How can I configure Inclusive Multicas Route (IMR) a.k.a Type 3 EVPN routes on Spirent TestCenter?

  • Spirent TestCenter.
  • VxLAN.
  • EVPN Overlay.
  • IRM (Type-3) EVPN routes.
  • Open Spirent TestCener Application and add the emulated devices you will use for the configuration.
  • Go to Wizards > Wizards…
  • Type vxlan on the Filter text box, and select the VXLAN option.

  • At the Configure VXLAN Ports screen, enable the port in which the VTEP is going to be configured, and configure it to match your testbed.
  • At the Configure VTEP screen, you will configure how many VTEPs your test will have per VLAN.
  • After that, at the Configure Segments screen, you will be able to configure the VTEPs, (Segments, VNIs,); you can also add L3 VNIs.
  • At the Configure VM Devices, you will add the VMs set up.  Spirent TestCenter is going to simulate these devices.
  • At the Configure Learning Mode, you can select between Unicast, Multicast, or EVPN Overlay.  As per my understanding, EVPN Overlay is the option that will match your testbed.
  • If you select the EVPN Overlay option, the wizard will enable the Configure EVPN Routes, where you allow Inclusive Multicast Routes.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,BGP,VXLAN