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Spirent TestCenter: How can I can configure TIP (Telepresence Interoperability Protocol) on STC?

  • Spirent TestCenter Application.
  • Application Layer Protocols.
  • Telepresence Interoperability Protocol.
  • Open Spirent TestCenter Application.
  • Connect to a chassis and reserve the ports you’re going to use for the test.
  • Add the number of devices you’re going to use for the test.
  • At the top menu, hit the Wizards button and go to Wizards.
  • Expand the Application Layer Protocols option and select Application Layer Protocols.
  • At the Select Ports screen, enable the ports that will have the emulated devices.
  • At the Select Endpoints screen, check the TIP option, the source and destination device, and click the Add button to confrm, then, you can move to the next screen.
  • At the Configure TIP screen, you select to use the default STC profiles or create new personalized ones.  To add new profiles, hit the Add.. button. 

Product : Spirent TestCenter,ALP