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Landslide: How to disable auto-negotiation on test server's eth port to avoid link auto negotiation problem.

Landslide 19.4GA.
We have seen some cases that customer's eth port on DUT didn't auto negotiate well with our eth port on test server, which resulted in either eth link flapping (keeping up and down) or long duration of link not up.
In that case, you can disable the auto negotiation on Landslide test server on a per eth port basis, to force landslide to disable auto negotiate and always work with DUT using highest speed only.
It's currently not available in GUI, you have to manually change our .tsConfig file on test server to make it happen.
Engineering may have plan to add it into GUI to make it user friendly.
Please follow below steps to configure it:
  1. Login into the test server on which you want to run your test case, by credential cfguser/cfguser.
  2. Run “su -“ to change to root by password spirent (note there is a “-“ after su)
  3. Run “ stop” to stop the test server process.
  4. Go to /home/cfguser directory.
  5. Run “vi .tsConfig” to edit the .tsConfig file.
  6. For every eth port you need to use in test case, change the second “true” in each line (highlighted below”) to value “false”, the second true means auto-negotiation is enabled. Once set to false, landslide would always negotiate with highest speed only.  Each port will have two lines, one with ipv4 and one with ipv6 setup. So you need to change both lines for each port. And in case you use multiple ports, change all the lines of those ports.
  1. Save the change to file.
  2. Run “ start” to bring up test server process, wait until the test server is “ready” again in GUI.
  3. In case you don't have root password, please skip step3 and step8, intead, click "recycle" in GUI after you change .tsConfig file to make it effective.

Product : TAS Manager,Results Manager,Landslide Client,Tcl API