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Spirent TestCenter: Why do I have lower latency values when I test with AC test compared to AX?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • 802.11ax
  • 802.11ac
This seems to be the expected behavior.

We tested with different devices in our lab such as Intel, Broadcom, and Qcom; in all these tests we had lower latency when we used AC mode compared to AX.

We also run the following test using devices outside the lab:
iPhone 11 Pro Max against an Asus AX11000 AP manually configured in 802.11ax and in 802.11ac on the same channel. An OTA setup is used with both iPhone and the AP. 

The test methodology is to use an iPhone 11 Pro Max installed with Ping App.  Asus AX11000 is configured in either 802.11ax mode with 80MHz or 802.11ac mode with 80MHz. Basically we are testing a 64 byte UDP ping packet for round trip time (RTT).  Each trial has 200 pings, and the results are summarized in the table below with the screen captures attached for each trail.

It was no clearly evident  that the RTT is shorter with 802.11ax mode than with 802.11ac.

Product : WiFi,Spirent TestCenter