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TTworkbench: how to add Wireshark capture to my log file (tlz)?

You can use the built-in JPCAP Trace Port Filter as below. We take UDP as an example.
1. Go to Project > Properties > TTCN-3 > Execution > Test adapter, Set test adapter > Next, Port > Add under Port Plugins > Choose Jpcap Trace Port Plugin

> Next, Set test adapter parameters

> Enter the values under JPCAP Trace Port Plugin.default
NETWORK_DEVICES_TA       MAC address/physical address of your interface for capturing, e.g. 001122334455  << Mandatory!
CAPTURE_DEVICES_TA        If you want to activate Wireshark capture on this interface
PCAP_FILE_PATH                   The relative path in your project, where the pcap files are supposed to be saved
> Finish > Apply and close.

Then reload your test campaign and run the test case. At the end of the graphical logging, you will see a label of "Attachment", which can be opened by double clicking in Wireshark as long as a Wireshark is installed on your PC.

Pay attention to the installation requirements of Wireshark (and Npcap) to use this feature. Here

Alternatively you can also implement your own log attachment plugin. Please refer to the build-in example over
File > Import > TTCN-3 > TTCN-3 example projects > Log attachment example.

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