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STC: How to create a B2B Multicast VxLAN configuration on Spirent TestCenter Application

  • Spirent TestCenter Application.
  • VxLAN Wizard.
  • Unicast VxLAN.
  • Open Spirent TestCenter Application, connect to a chassis, and reserve 2 ports.  (The ports must be connected Back-to-Back).
  • On the top menu, go to Wizards > Wizards…
  • Type VxLAN at the Filter textbox and select the VXLAN option under Switching.
  • On the Configure VXLAN Ports screen, select both ports.
    • Set the IP addresses and gateways as in a Back-to-Back scenario.
  • On the Configure Learning Mode screen, select Multicast; you can choose between IGPM and PIM.
    • You can leave the values in the other screens as they are.
  • On the Configure Non-VXLAN Port screen, Un-check the Use Non-VXLAN Ports, and hit the Finish button.
  • Go to the All Stream Blocks at the lef menu, and hit the Add… button.
  • Enable both ports, and create a Bidirectional stream from the VM emulated device under port 1 to the VM emulated devices under port 2.
    • Don’t forget to click the Add button to confirm the Stream.
  • You can leave the default values on the other screens.
  • Apply the configuration in the Spirent TestCenter Application, and start the devices.
  • Go to the VxLAN tab, and wait until the VTEP state changes to STARTED.
  • Right-click on any VTEP device and go to VXLAN > Show VXLAN Bindings.
  • If the configuration is correct, you will see:
    • The number of how many Bindings have STC learned and the number of VM MAC addresses resolved.
    • All the bindings states as Resolved. 
NOTE: Please consider that you need to do this for both ports.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Multicast,VXLAN