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Spirent TestCenter: Why I am not seeing any Drop Count under Dropped Count (frames) column when I expect to see soome?

  • Drop Frames
  • Dropped Count (frames)
  • Drops
  • Convergence Test
  1. You may first want to check if the current Spirent Test Module you are using does support this particular counter (Dropped Count (frames)):
  1. Once you have validated the card does support the counter:
    • Be aware dropped Counters are Streamblock oriented/inteded, so, to visualize Dropped Count Frames, you need to set the Stream Block Results view (instead of using Basic Port Restuls), and go to Advance Sequencing Tab, you can get this view by going to “Change Result View” > System Views > Streams > Stream Block Results: 

  1. The drops ocurring could be head / tail of streamblock drops, so Dropped Count (Frames) won't count those ones, for this we suggest to use Frame Loss (Frames) counter, which is calculated by doing just a subtraction: Tx Count (Frames) – Rx Sig Count (Frames).

Product : Spirent TestCenter