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Velocity - How to enable the new port route cache or Candidates Cutting Heuristic for L2 switches?

Velocity 8.3 - Latest

On Velocity versions that are newer than 8.3, the new algorith for calculation of port routes has been enabled by default.
Candidates Cutting Heuristic

This feature extendents the regular port calculcation algorithm complexity resolution times in order to add support formassive L2 switches implementation for more than 10,000 ports in a specific configuration setup, consult your spirent sales representative for additional information.

Optimized Port Routes Cache

This new algorithm helps Velocity to calculate any possible route from point A to point B a lot faster, in general giving the user a better and faster experience when creating a lot of reservations in huge environments.

Known issues with this features:
Is important to note, that since 8.2, this 2 features can not be enabled at the same time, they are mutually exclusive.

When configuring any of those options, please ensure that only one of the options is enabled at the time, depending on which use are you doing of your environment.

If you have any additional doubt or your are having issues with any of those options, please reach some one from Spirent support immediately.

Product : Velocity Core,Velocity Portfolio