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Spirent Network Emulator: Transceiver List - What are the recommended or approved transceivers that will work with the Spirent Network Emulator?

  • Spirent Network Emulator (SNE)
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    • Does the 10/1G SFP port support 1G transceivers or does it need to be 10/1G transceivers?
      • 1G Intel compatible (fiber and copper) transceivers are supported.
        • Other transceivers may or may not work.
        • If the 1G transceiver isn’t Intel-compatible then it's not expected to work.
      • If using 1G copper, it only supports 1G. (10/100MB is not supported)
    • Upgrade to v14. One of the things that’s been added since v11 is the ability to fix the port speed.
      • Click on the Physical link at the top of the page to access this, and maybe try forcing the port in the SNE to 1G to see if that helps.

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