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Spirent TestCenter: Why Raw Stream not able to send back to itself?

  • The environment is where traffic is being sent and received on the same physical port.
  • This issue is seen only when the Source and Destination is on the same class C network.
    • Raw Stream doesn't know about subnet mask, so if the first 3 octets are the same, it is considered to be in the same subnet and when ARPing, it will ARP the destination and not the gateway.
    • Such as to are both in different subnets but the Raw Stream doesn't have the concept of the /30 subnet and so instead of ARPing the gateway of, it will ARP the destination The ARP will fail.
  • To work around this issue, need to use Bound Streams.
    • Create Device Blocks with the /30 subnets and create the Bound Streams from those devices.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,PGA