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Spirent TestCenter: Where can I find the group capacity under RFC3918 test results?

  • RFC3918
  • Multicast Group Capacity Test
  • Wizards
  • Multicast Group Capacity is the maximum number of multicast groups a DUT/SUT can support while maintaining the ability to forward multicast frames to all musticast group registered to that DUT/SUT
  • The RFC3918 results (Using Results Reporter) gives you 3 sections where you can find the actual group capacity:
  1. Multicast Group Capacity page
•  enlightened  We can say the "Group Subscriptions with Zero Rx frames on all Egress ports" column helps to determine the actual group capacity, but you need to find the iteration with the maximum attempted multicast groups and maximum received multicast groups where Group Subscriptions with Zero Rx frames on all Egress ports" equals 0.
  • "Group Subscriptions with Zero Rx frames on all Egress ports" = 0 means that all groups joined were forwarded properly by the DUT, so being this value 0 also means that none of the groups receive "nothing" (Which is a good thing)

  1. Advance Test Summary page:
  • Here you will see highlighted what the group capacity is:                
  1. Test Summary page:
  • This will be the easiest one and recommended section, since here you will see ONLY the group capacity:


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