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Spirent TestCenter: Behavior between CV-10G-S8 and DX-10G-S32 when Traffic duration is set to bursts.

  • Duration Mode: Bursts
  • Bursts: 1
  • Burst Size: 325
  • Number of streams on the Port = 5
  • Transmit a single stream
  • DX-10G-S32
    • selecting any individual stream will transmit a burst of 325 frames
  • CV-10G-S8
    • selecting the 1st stream will transmit a burst of 325 frames
    • selecting any other stream will not transmit any frames
    • to have the same stream behavior as the DX-10G-S32, the Bursts can be set to 5
      • this will indicate to the CV-10G-S8 that each of the 5 streams can burst 325 frames where as with a Bursts of 1, only the 1st stream will send

Product : Spirent TestCenter,PGA,DX,CV