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Spirent TestCenter: WiFi - How to associate at 160Mhz?

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  • WiFI
  • Wi-Fi
  • 160Mhz
  • 80Mhz

Sometimes you can notice the clients are being associated with channel bandwidth as 80 MHz even though the channel bandwidth on the port is set to 160 MHz . 

You need to follow next steps in order to see 160Mhz bandwidth reflected on STC:

1.    Connect to 160M AP. The AP should be enabled and force to 160Mhz. Don't set 20/40/80/160 Mhz.
2.    Then you can see the AP with 160MHz in scan list.
3.    Waiting for 70 second, then associate.
enlightenedIf you are still seing the devices associating at 80Mhz instead, refer to KNI16344 - Spirent TestCenter: WiFi -  Unable to associate at 160MHz using C50-KIT-11AX-1-V2 (NIC-71)

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