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Spirent TestCenter - License Server - Is it possible to see the IP address of chassis that is using the license?

Spirent TestCenter
  • Virtual
    • License Server / AION Licensing service
Unfortunately there is no way for the license server to identify the virtual chassis which is using license, as the the virtual chassis is not checking out the licenses, it’s the STC instance. This applies to both using Flexera as AION licensing service.

Specifically in the “spirent_usage.log” file (from the License Server logs), you can see the IP address and host of the instances that are checking out licenses on the license server:

This information can be also seen by login into the License Server (login: admin / spt_admin) and using the “server status” command:

To know how to get the License Server logs, please refer to KB article: FAQ18399


Product : STC Virtual