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Spirent TestCenter: Does Aion licensing have any backup redundancy capabilities?

  • Aion license
  • Backup
  • Redundancy
  • We have High Availability for all services in the hosted organizations. All that gets handled behind the scenes and is transparent to users.  Users simply sign into their AION organization (ex.
  • We don't yet have high availability for platform services in local AION Clusters.  Support for that will hopefully be available in late 2021 Q4/early 2022 Q1.  This will be achieved by supporting multiple server nodes in the AION Cluster.  Today and AION Cluster is made up of 1 server node that provides platform services and 0-n worker nodes, which are used to host product instances. 
  • See attached setup guide for additional info.

Product : Spirent TestCenter