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Spirent TestCenter: How to set the same community on many BGP routes?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • BGP communities.
  • Create the emulated devices in the Spirent TestCenter Application and set the BGP configuration.
  • Go to All Devices, open the BGP tab, and hit the Edit Routes… button.
  • Click the Select Routers option and enable the devices that will have the same community.
  • Please wait for a little after clicking on each checkbox, sometimes it takes a little for the Spirent TestCenter Application to display it as checked.
  • Hit the Add button.
  • Confirm the devices that will be advertising the routes.
  • Select the number of routes each device will advertise.
  • Set the community on the first device.
  • Click on the top-left cell to select all the routes.
  • Right-click on the first community cell, the one with the community on it, and select the Copy Down option.
  • This will fill the selected devices with the same community.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,BGP