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TTworkbench: how to avoid C1/C50 sending out ARP message on its own in OPEN/TC8 ARP testing?

TTworkbench, C1 or C50, TTsuite-OPEN-ARP, TC8 testing
In order to to avoid automatic replies from the test system, it is recommended to
configure the manual network interface with a non-existing IPv4 address.

E.g. Set networkInterfaces/TESTER/manual/ipv4Addr with a yet free IPv4 address.
If the actual IPv4 address is, use or any other free address.

Please read carefully the in the project for further detailed instructions as well.

In case unexpected ARP messages are still sent by C50, you can use arptables command liks below:
arptables -A OUTPUT -o vEth1 --src-ip -j DROP

Use it with case - only when running TTsuite-OPEn-ARP test cases.


Product : TTsuites