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PosApp: What does the Warning message "The following files are shared between scenarios..." refer to?

  • PosApp version v8.00 onwards
Scenarios under a common parent folder can share common files. Common files are stored in a subfolder named "Shared". If you modify any file in the Shared folder, it has an impact on all scenarios that use the shared file. PosApp helps you to minimise the impact of changing shared files as follows:
  • If you change a shared file and try to save it, PosApp warns you that you are making changes to a shared file
    • Tip: When you get the warning, you can save the modified file using a different name, unless you want to use the modification in all scenarios that use the shared file
  • If your scenario uses shared files that have been modified while running a different scenario, PosApp displays the file names in the System Messages window with a warning that the changes might affect the simulation data

Product : SimREPLAYplus,SimGEN,PosApp,Positioning,SimGNSS,SimTEST