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TTsuite-AVB: how to handle media files for audio or video stream generation?

TTworkbench, TTsuite-AVB, C1, C50
The (sample) media files in media folder 1722/Diagnotic/Exception projects are using for audio/video stream generation.
These must be uploaded to C1/C50 to enable generation of stream during test execution.

Audio stream in local execution mode - "*_stc.clf"
using built-in MediaSync plugin to upload the media files (from media folder in 1722, Diagnostic or Exception)
Refer to FAQ19944

Video Stream (mjepg, ts, h264 formats supported) in remote execution mode - clf without postfix

1. Log into C1/C50 using SSH client e.g. MobaXterm.
    Refer to DOC10828  chapter 3.  Configuring the Test Network Devices on the C50

2. Create

3. Upload the media folder from 1722 project to /home/root/media/

4. cd /home/root/media/

5. Copy the files in the media folder to the relevant workspace
    scp * /opt/ttech/workspace_TTworkbench/<project name>
repeat 5 after each loading of clf in 1722/Diagnostic/Exception.   

Product : TTsuites