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Spirent TestCenter: What is the difference between Virtual LabServer, Session Manager, Virtual License Server and Virtual Licensing with AION?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • Virtual LabServer
  • vLS
  • Session Manager
  • Virtual License Server
  • Virtual Controller
  • Virtual Licensing with AION

Generally speaking, this is the explanation for each:

1.    Spirent Virtual LabServer

Spirent TestCenter LabServer (a.k.a “Spirent vLS”) is a virtual machine deployed with off-the-shelf hypervisors that provide the solution that eliminates the need for a dedicated test management console computer and supports team collaboration during testing. With this solution, the test logic moves from the local PC to the Virtual LabServer virtual machine. This LabServer is managed through the Spirent application called “Session Manager

This is a graphical representation:

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•    DATASHEET - Spirent Virtual Lab Server :

2.    Spirent Virtual License Server

Spirent Virtual License Server (a.k.a “Virtual Controller”) is also a virtual machine that basically manages/control licenses. The license server is only required if you are using a virtual chassis and it is optional for physical chassis. So, on this VM you install the licenses that serves the virtual ports licenses, hence through the normal GUI the virtual ports would check for licenses needed in bulk through a connection with the License Server.

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3.    Spirent TestCenter™ (BLL) Virtual Licensing with AION

Spirent TestCenter (BLL) Virtual Licensing with AION has been introduced starting in the 5.18 Spirent TestCenter release, and it is a License Server service available through Spirent AION (Spirent AION is a new central management hub for Network and Cloud testing using Spirent TestCenter Hardware, Virtual and CloudSure solutions)


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