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STC Automation: Why the MPLS header has a Destinatio MAC address?

  • Spirent TestCenter.
  • Automation.
  • MPLS Header.
The Destination MAC address in the MPLS header is not a part of the MPLS protocol, this field is used as an API parameter to provide the user some flexibility to construct more complex scenarios.

The API document is auto-generated following the field definition.

The definition of MPLS.dstMac.

The dstMac address is defined as:
<FIELD name="dstMac" type="MACADDR"
uiShowName="Next Hop MAC" />

For the API usage, in STC BLL MplsIf data model, it also has [Destination MAC Address] configuration item. That means this item could be configured from outside.

Product : Automation,Spirent TestCenter,MPLS