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TTsuite-oneM2M Release Notes

First certified testing tool for oneM2M conformance testing (by TTA)

Spirent TTsuite-oneM2M is a ready-to-use, standardized test solution for IoT/oneM2M conformance testing, covering all service layer functions. It allows users to perform fully automated conformance, interoperability and system tests to detect issues at early design stages and along the whole development process.

The oneM2M test solution provides a detailed result analysis and is flexible for future adaptations and enhancements. oneM2M applications and proprietary extensions can be built on top of it, using existing functionalities as well as plug-and-play components (TTplugins), covering technologies like CoAP, WSDL, MQTT, http, WebSockets, ASN.1, Protobuf, and more.

Check out features of the latest versions in the attached PDFs!

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