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Spirent TestCenter: How can I enable the event viewer on Spirent TestCenter IQ.

Spirent TestCenter Application.
Spirent TestCenter IQ.
Event view.
  • Set and run your test in the Spirent TestCenter Application.
  • Click on the Launch TestCenter IQ button at the top of the Result Views, and wait until the web interfaces loads.  It could take a a couple of minutes.
  • Find the name of the configuration file you’re using under the Config Name column, and click on the Test Name link on the same row.  
  • Drag the profile from the side menu at the left and drop it in the center area.  For this test, I used OSPFv2 Results view.
  • Switch to the views menu, and select Events Timespan View.
  • The Result View will show you some protocol messages.
  • You can also add or remove columns from the grid.  Also, if a new event is detected, you will be able to add columns based on that event, please follow the steps below to do this:
    • Open the View menu by clicking the three lines button at the top left side of the view and go to edit.
    • Click the add button at the right of each data column.
    • Click the Apply changes button.

Product : TestCenterIQ / Magellan,Spirent TestCenter