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Spirent TestCenter: How to test Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) on STC?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • WiFi DFS
  • Open a Spirent TestCenter Application, connect to a WiFi test module/appliance that supports Radar Signal.
  • Go to the Radar-Signal Generator option and enable the Radar-Signal Generator checkbox.
  • Set the Region Code and click the Add Trial... button.
  • Select the Radar Type and the Number of Trials for the test.  You can either, select all of the Radar Types or choose them one by one.
enlightenedNOTE: Trials of different regions have different valid parameters, so Spirent TestCenter Application will only allow using trials from the same Region Code.  If you add trials from different regions, after hitting the Apply button the GUI will show you the following error message: "Invalid input for radar trial configuration".enlightened

Product : WiFi,Spirent TestCenter