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Umetrix Data - Datum UWP/Universal Release Notes


This document briefly describes the contents of the v3.2.143 release of Datum Universal. This software is available in the Microsoft Store.



·   Device Phone Number – When using a Mobile-Originated (MO) enabled activation code, a new control named “Device Phone Number” appears in the test options view which allows the user to override the recorded device phone number which is reported for the MO and MO-MultiRAB tasks.


Issues Fixed

·   Radio Access Technology bearer reporting –  All Radio Access Technology (RAT) fields now report the correct bearer reported by the handset. Previously, old RAT values could carry over from one bearer sample to the next.
·   NTP time-synchronization offset –  The timestamp for the MO and MO-MultiRAB task device call start time now matches the timestamp for the “Offhook” Call State in the RTTM/diagnostics data. Previously, the “Offhook” Call State message was offset from the device call start time by +/- 2 seconds.
·   Bandwidth Scoring –  Resolved an issue with the bandwidth task scoring algorithm which would overwrite the highest value in the result set instead of adding the new value to the set.

Known Issues

·   Device Phone Number validation –  The new "Device Phone Number" control does not validate user input. The user must ensure the overriden phone number is correct or else this will result in a task error.
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Datum Universal Release Notes v3.2.143

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