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Spirent Vertex® High Frequency Converter Documentation

Spirent Vertex® High Frequency Converter (HFC) was developed to bring advanced channel emulation test capabilities to 5G applications by extending the Vertex channel emulator frequency range from Radio Frequency (RF) bands to higher mmWave frequency bands. Depending on the model, Vertex HFC converts RF ranges between 0.75GHz and 6GHz to mmWave (mmW) ranges between 5.9GHz and 40.5GHz and vice versa, allowing channel characteristic simulation in millimeter band scenarios required for 5G implementation. It can also be customized to support other mmW frequencies.

This page provides links to the data sheet and documentation for Spirent Vertex High Frequency Converter.

Data Sheet
Spirent Vertex High Frequency Converter

Vertex High Frequency Converter Release 2.0 Documentation
Title Purpose
Spirent Vertex® High Frequency Converter Release 2.0.1 System Release Summary, 71-008861, A0 Describes the new features, enhancements, and known issues in release 2.0.1.
Spirent Vertex® High Frequency Converter Setup Guide, 71-008347, A1 Describes how to install and power up Vertex High Frequency Converter.
Spirent Vertex® High Frequency Converter Release 2.0 User Guide, 71-008798, A1 Describes how to use Vertex High Frequency Converter.

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