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Spirent Umetrix® LM Documentation

Spirent Umetrix® LM enables you to better understand and triage the root cause of problems that impact the user experience of voice due to 5G mobile services. Using Umetrix LM, you can:
  • evaluate the user experience of voice services in a live 5G network using actual consumer mobile devices
  • correlate RF and signaling information with voice and call QoE metrics for up to 12 devices simultaneously
  • assess the launch readiness of voice and data services for 5G, VoLTE, VoWi-Fi, OTT, and more
  • execute Umetrix Data test campaigns with logging to collect layer 1 and layer 3 data to determine possible sources of application throughput bottlenecks
This page provides links to the data sheet and documentation for Spirent Umetrix LM.

Data Sheet
Spirent Umetrix LM Data Sheet
Umetrix LM 3.12 Documentation
Title Purpose
Spirent Umetrix® Voice LM Release 3.12 Getting Started Guide, 71-008740, A1 Describes how to install, set up, and start testing phones with Spirent Umetrix LM.

Product : Installation/Setup,Umetrix Voice LM