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Spirent TestCenter : How do I backup and install a license in Spirent TestCenter chassis?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • License
  • Backup a license
  • Install a license



How to backup a License File?

  1. Connect to the chassis using the GUI
  2. In the GUI, under Tools -> Licensing Manager -> UPLOAD -> This will save your current license to specific folder you specify
    1. Then, if needed, you can Delete your previous license by using "Delete"
      • You may select chassis IP to select "Delete" option, otherwise it could be grayed out.

How to install a License File?

  1. In the GUI, under Tools -> Licensing Manager -> INSTALL, find license location (.lic file)
  2. Then click OK to exit that window and then Exit the GUI
  3. enlightened Relaunch the GUI and Connect to the Chassis and the License will take effect

Product : Spirent TestCenter