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Spirent TestCenter: What is the operating temperature range for Spirent TestCenter chassis and appliances?

  • SPT-N4U, SPT-N11U, SPT-N12U Chassis
    • 59° - 95° F (15° - 35° C)
    • 10% - 80% relative humidity
  • DX3/PX3-QSFP-DD-8
    • 41° - 86° F (5° - 30° C) ambient temperature
    • 20% - 80% relative humidity
  • C1
    • 0° - 30° C
  • C2
    • 0° - 35° C
    • 10% - 70% relative humidity (non-condensing)
  • C50
    • 5° – 35° C
    • 10% – 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
More information can be found in the “Spirent TestCenter Hardware Reference” documentation and attached datasheets.
Note: For chassis/appliances that have temperature sensors, the inlet temperature sensors are assumed to be 5° C higher than the ambient temperature,
  • CPU and FPGA temperature
    • There is also temperatures related to the modules themselves.
    • The firmware support for reading these temps is not available on every hw platform. 
    • It should not matter what mode or speed for a multi-speed module.
    • This new temp feature is a physical check for potential damaging environment (think hot labs) for the modules.
  • Temperature Thresholds: (These are the only ranges defined and will be applied to all modules.)
    • Critical FPGA Temperature: 115.0
    • Warning FPGA Temperature: 100.0
    • Critical CPU Temperature: 100.0
    • Warning CPU temperature: 90.0
  • Temperature Module details are as below:
    • Normal :
      • Under normal temperature conditions temperature updates will be only sent when temperature difference is greater or equal to 5 degree.
    • Warning:
      • No Action Initiated. Pop-up message appears on the STC as well as logged.
      • “For Chassis <chassis-name>, temperature of the card <n> has reached the Warning level.
    • Critical:
      • Test module (TM) sends OUTAGE message 3-degree Centigrade before reaching to h/w defined Critical Threshold.
      • Chassis VM system manager daemon handles this message and notifies BLL to cleanup TM book keeping.
      • BLL handles cleanup message and informs chassis.
      • Chassis VM cleans up after receiving response, if BLL response doesn’t come it waits till actual critical temperature and forcefully brings down the system.

For voltage thresholds refer to: FAQ20383 - Spirent TestCenter: Do we have any documentation about the voltage thresholds for the Power Supplies on STC chassis/appliances?
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Datasheet - SPT-N4U

Attachment Description
Datasheet - SPT-N11U

Attachment Description
Datasheet - SPT-N12U

Attachment Description
Datasheet - DX3-QSFP-DD-8

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Datasheet - PX3-QSFP-DD-8

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Datasheet - C2

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Datasheet - C50

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