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Spirent TestCenter: Why does TestCenter GUI crash when I lose connection when testing over VPN, wireless, unstable network or in case of faulty hardware?


The connection between the Test Management Station (PC) and the TestCenter should never be remote or over a flaky connection.

If network connectivity is lost during the test, for data integrity reasons, the GUI will fail. 
I note the first consideration is to confirm that the chassis was not powered down, next that the card is not faulty.
If the cause is determined problem in network, either on the PC or between the PC and chassis:
Are the PC and the TestCenter on the same subnet and or isolated network to avoid this possibility.
If network is unstable, one may want to consider client/server solution with Spirent Lab Server located on the same subnet as the TestCenter chassis.
If this problem occurs often it might be useful to ping the chassis continuously and log output to a file. If a connection loss occurs, check the ping log to see whether PC lost connection to the chassis. (ideally the ping log would have timestamps for each entry).
When connectivity is lost, there will be a prompt displayed providing options to:
·         Continue – closes the dialog and returns you to the application to continue working
·         Restart – shuts down TestCenter restarts a new instance of the application
·         Exit – shuts down TestCenter
When this occurs, all counters will be restarted or cleared.
I add if the problem persists an if on a reproducible basis can the test be run by directly connecting the chassis to see if overcome the problem.

Also, to verify obtain the Exception Logs from the location described in the Frequently asked Question to provide to Spirent Support and if known, steps to reproduce the problem.

Product : Spirent TestCenter