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Spirent Customer Service Center: What's new?

The New Spirent Customer Service Center launched in July 2017
We've redesigned the CSC with our customers in mind,
focusing on a new interface that adds
useful new features and improves ease-of-use.
The list below isn't complete, but showcases the
more important changes we've made.

A refreshed user experience that works on most devices, including your smartphone.

A folder-based navigation structure for the Knowledge Base that makes
finding content faster and easier.

Sortable tables, including for the KB, Cases and Assets.

Once you sign-in, we further personalize
the site for the things that matter to you.

The home page after you sign-in shows downloads, cases, and
other specifics for the products that matter to you.

Have freedom of choice by tailoring the site to specific products. Login to
the CSC to learn more about and choose "My Product Preferences".

Applications are separated to show you the ones you have access to.

Your cases can be exported to CSV format.

Product : CSC,KB