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Spirent Knowledge Base: What is contained in the six sections of the Knowledge Base? What do the various areas of the Knowledge Base mean?

The Spirent Knowledge Base found at the Spirent Customer Service Center at
The Spirent Knowledge Base has six different sections (often referred to as Channels) that help organize the content and makes things easier for you to find.
  1. ‚ÄčFAQs: The name of this section is a pretty good reflection of its content-- a question that is commonly asked. The content in this section is usually short, quick answers to topics, and will usually not contain complicated details or issues.
  2. Solutions: This section contains "how-to" type articles, and is usually where you might look to learn about how to configure, troubleshoot or use your Spirent product(s).
  3. Tech Bulletins: This section is where we usually document known-issues and other problems with Spirent products. It's a good place to learn more about these issues and determine if there are useful workarounds or alternative approaches to deal with the problems you might face.
  4. Documentation: Product manuals, documentation and user guides go here, and are usually promptly updated as new releases come out.
  5. Training: This section contains the "Spirent Campus", which are hundreds of different training modules to help you learn and understand how to get the most from your Spirent product(s). All the training in here is available free to customers that own Spirent equipment.
  6. News: The news section will contain important news and updates for your Spirent products. Announcements of new releases, release notes, security bulletins and other important information about your Spirent product(s) will show up here.
‚ÄčNote that your access to content in this section will increase after you sign-in to the Spirent CSC with a valid customer user. In other words, while we share thousands of KB articles to anyone on the Internet (about 50% of our content), customers who sign-in will get much more Knowledge Base content. If you're not finding something in the KB but have not signed-in yet, we encourage you to take the extra 10 seconds to sign-in.

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