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GNSS simulators, Positioning Application: What is the UN-R144 specification and how can I test my device against it?

  • GNSS simulators
  • Positioning Application, SimGEN, SimREPLAY+, SimTEST
  • PNT TestBench
Addendum 143 of UN Regulation No. 144, entitled "Uniform provisions concerning the Accident Emergency Call Systems (AECS)" outlines the testing requirements that must be met by AECS (also known as eCall devices) to be approved according to the UN regulation. The tests are an extension to the requirements of the eCall specification (ref 2.) that are mandatory for new vehicles in the European Union from April 2018.

Manufacturers face the challenge to design, implement and 
demonstrate the conformance to agreed performance standards of their AECS/eCall solution. Spirent Communications Positioning technologies offer a full solution to test the UN-R144 requirements for compatibility of AECS in-vehicle systems with the positioning services provided by the GLONASS, Galileo and the EGNOS systems as outlined in (1.). 

The implementation notes for the UN-R144/eCall scenario pack can be found at DGP01541AAA Spirent Scenario Pack for eCall and UN-R144  

Automated testing 
Spirent's PNT TestBench platform offers the opportunity to fully automate the UN-R144 tests with the following advantages:

  • Integration of the AECS platform into the test bed
  • Support for both UN-R144 and eCall testing in one solution
  • Full automation of the measurement, guaranteeing consistent and repeatable compliance with the UN-R144 specifications
  • Automatically generated test reports confirming the PASS/FAIL result of the tests as well as additional information describing the performance of the AECS.

For further information on Spirent's eCall/UN-R144 solution or to discuss your testing requirements please contact

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