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Announcing Spirent OCTOBOX RFC 2544 and Mesh Automation 1.1

PRODUCT UPDATE                                                                                                                                        
OCTOBOX Release:

RFC 2544 and Mesh Testing 1.1

With numbers tripling for the remote workforce, for millions of people Work From Home is here to stay. The Mesh Automation Package 1.1 release enables virtual test house testing with recorded house profiles, from the field, enhanced roaming gap measurement, and new traffic models. Spirent’s OCTOBOX portfolio provides better emulation of real-world scenarios from the Mesh automation test package, wider mesh systems support, with a focus on ISPs and vendors that support them.

Also released at this time, Spirent improves its RFC-2544 implementation for OCTOBOX. Higher station and bi-directional tests are now supported.
Mesh Automation Package 1.1

Optimal Steering Test

  • A tester can now, virtually visit houses and measure performance of DUT in these houses.
  • Optimal steering score is calculated based on performance in the actual node/band vs best node/band.

Multi STA Throughput Test

  • This test has been modified to allow virtual house visits and performance characterization in real locations in these houses.

Roaming Gap Test

  • The test now supports seven different traffic models where roaming gap can be measured. Gap can be characterized from signaling or from data packet gaps. Also, a method counting total amount of packets is supported.

Band Steering Test

  • The test measures the RSSI at which a band steering event may be issued by an AP.
  • In the previous release only a constant traffic type was supported which limited the test’s ability to characterize DUTs that don’t steer actively transmitting traffic.
  • The test has now been modified to include a traffic type that “pulsates” and stops often the traffic to allow DUT to steer.

RvR Test

  • Extends RvR to Backhaul-connections in between nodes.
New Report Capability
  • Results can now be reported via PDF, CSV, and JSON.
RFC2544 Automation Package

Throughput Test

  • Measure UDP throughput for 0% and configurable packet loss scenario‚Äč.


  • Measure one way latency.

Frame Loss Rate

  • Measure the number of lost frames as a function of frames/s.
Back-to-Back Frames
  • Measure longest burst of frames that DUT will handle without loss of frames.
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