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Announcing STC v5.48 Release


STC v5.48 Release

Spirent is excited to announce the availability of Spirent TestCenter (STC) 5.48. STC is an end-to-end test solution delivering high performance, massive scale, and advanced statistics.
This release introduces new capabilities that enhance the value proposition and expand the use cases for our industry-leading STC testing solution. STC 5.48 incorporates both new features and critical issue resolutions, ensuring an improved user experience.

Release Spirent TestCenter v5.48
Key New Features
  • DHCP-PD Solicit with Link-Local Source Address
    • For DHCP-PD over PPP over L2TP IPv4 encapsulation, the server will send out Advertise message by using global IPv6 address as the source address.
  • PCEP Session Enhancement when Port Status Change
    • Handle link flapping and session timeouts more effectively, improving the accuracy of PCEP emulation for end users.
  • Traffic binding over SRv6-TE Tunnel - L3VPN
    • Combine Seamless BGP SRv6 Traffic Binding for L3VPN and Traffic Binding with SRv6-TE Tunnel.
  • BGP MVNP Support IPv6 Originator ID in MP-REACH NLRI
    • Extend support to IPv6 Originator ID for MVPN Intra AD (Type 1) and MVPN IPv4/MVPN
    • IPv6 AD (Type 3 and Type 4) routes.
TestCenter IQ:
  • Adding custom counter support to table views
    • Enable users to add basic calculations in addition to the existing statistics within a table.
    • Currently only addition and subtraction functions are supported.
  • Status Dashboard to capture user actions
    • Actions captured on  Status Dashboard include database deleted, report created, and database imported. This data will be cleared automatically after a user-defined period
And more – Please see the latest release notes for all new features for Spirent TestCenter v5.48
Product Webpage
Software Availability The latest STC v5.48 software can be downloaded from the CSC via the Download tab by selecting:
  • General Release > Spirent TestCenter

Product : Spirent TestCenter