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Spirent TestCenter : How to use the IP address of a router supplied by the Server as the default gateway of a DHCP Client?


DHCP Client should be using the router address specified by the DHCP Server as its default gateway

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • Access - DHCP
  • Windows GUI

For the emulated Client device, go to DHCP tab and activate the "Enable Router Option" button

  • Here is the Steps to configure GW ip in DHCP Server:
  1. Go to Server device ->DHCP Server tab 
  2. Click on "Router list" option, a dialog box will appear.
  3. Here you can add the GW Ip address as the screen shot below.
  • We have to enable client to request for GW ip from the server.
  1. Go to Client device ->DHCP tab
  2. Select "Option Request List, a dialog box will appear,
  3. There check the box for "Router Option[3]" then click ok.
  4. The scroll down the bar to right ,you will find an option "Enable Router Option"
  5. check the box here also.





Product : Access,Windows GUI,Spirent TestCenter,DHCP