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Spirent TestCenter: How do you configure Spirent TestCenter for dual stack DHCP/DHCPv6?


This article will cover the basic steps to configure Spirent TestCenter for dual stack DHCP/DHCPv6 support on a single emulated subscriber (i.e., device block).

  • Spirent TestCenter 4.30 (although this was supported at least as far back as v3.62)
  1. Launch the Technology Selector
    1. Check "DHCP"
    2. Check "DHCPv6/PD"
    3. Click "OK"

  2. From "All Devices" or "Devices", click "Add..." to launch the Device Wizard

  3. In the "Select Protocols" step, check "DHCPv6/PD"

  4. After completing the rest of the steps in the Device Wizard, click Finish
  5. Under the "DHCP" tab, check "Active"

  6. Under the "DHCPv6/PD" tab, select the desired "Emulation Mode" 

  7. Click "Apply"
  8. To bind...
    1. just DHCP, click the "Bind DHCP Device" under the DHCP tab 
    2. just DHCPv6/PD, click the "Bind DHCPv6/PD Device" under the DHCPv6/PD tab
    3. both protocols at the same time, click "Start Device"
      Note this will start any other protocol enabled on that device block as well (e.g., IGMP, PPPoX)

Product : Access,Spirent TestCenter,DHCP,DHCPv6,DHCP-PD