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SimREPLAY: How do I request a scenario? What are Standard and Special Scenarios?

  • GSS6700 (SimREPLAY)
  • GSS6300M (SimCHAN) 
  • STR4500 (SimPLEX)
  • GSS4200 (GSS4200 Utilities)


  • Customers with qualifying equipment need to login to the CSC website and select the "My Scenarios" tab and then select "New Request"
    • must then select an option within the correct scenario type
      • Positioning Application users select SimREPLAY scenarios
      • Separate categories for SimCHAN, SimPLEX and GSS4200 users
  • 2 types of scenario
    • Standard
      • Defined by a standard web form
      • Once the form is submitted scenarios are normally delivered to the customer's email address within 10 minutes.
      • Support customers have unlimited access to the server for multiple scenario creation
    • Special
      • Bespoke requests that cannot wholly be defined on the standard form
        • e.g. multi-path, used defined motion
      • Limited number of request per support period (maximum 5 hours development time)
      • Additional specials can be purchased
  • If you believe you are entitled to a scenario service but are getting a warning message please raise a Service Request (SR) to address the issue.

Product : Scenario Server,SimPLEX,SimPLEX45,SimREPLAYplus,SimREPLAY,Scenario,STR4500,GSS4200,GSS6700,GSS6300M